Convening Leaders Wrapup 2012

  • Bert Jacobs Taps the Power of OptimismThe most powerful force we can control is our own outlook on life. Read More
  • TED Creator Wurman Debunks InnovationRichard Saul Wurman, who is widely regarded as an innovator thanks to his creation of the groundbreaking TED conferences, would like people to stop using the word "innovation" so much. Read More
  • Associations Must Adapt to Remain RelevantChange in an industry can be fast and furious or it can be glacial, but organizations must be aware of those revolutions and evolutions so they can adapt and remain relevant. "Associations are facing challenges like never before," Mary Byers, CAE, said during her Master Series presentation, "Race for Relevance," yesterday morning. A professional speaker, association consultant, and co-author of the new book Race for Relevance, Byers pinpointed six major challenges, and suggested five radical changes to deal with those challenges. Read More
  • Town Hall Connects PCMA Leaders With MembersConvening Leaders attendees and PCMA members around the world received an update on the organization's 2011 accomplishments and 2012 goals at the Town Hall Meeting yesterday morning. Read More
  • Question of the Day: What Are You Taking Away From PCMA 2012 Convening Leaders?I learned something [Tuesday] in ‘Walk, Talk, and Negotiate Like a CEO.' At the end she gave out paperclips to remind us to ask outrageously. The worst that could happen is that they say ‘no,' right? If they say no, so what. You're still alive, right?" Read More