Uber Spotlight: A Focus on Possibilities

The Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico is perfect for experiencing Mayan heritage.

The Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico is perfect for experiencing Mayan heritage.

Rodrigo Esponda, Regional Director for North America for the Mexico Tourism Board (MTB) — a PCMA Uber Partner

Q: How has MTB worked to develop the meetings infrastructure in its various destinations that host meetings?

Esponda: We have focused on the particular strengths of each destination to highlight its competitiveness to host meeting programs. All of the destinations also have vibrant business scenes that have supported the growth of relevant infrastructure.

Q: What are you looking forward to this year?

Esponda: In 2016, the Mexico Tourism Board is looking to highlight some key elements to help meeting planners and partners better understand the possibilities that Mexico offers for the meetings industry. We are one of the most dynamic economies worldwide, with free-trade agreements with 45 countries and unique human capital (with a median age of 27) and a thriving young generation of professionals, engineers, and technicians. Mexico has become a leader in aeronautics, automotive, electronics, financial services, technology, and, of course, tourism.

Q: How does MTB show its commitment to being a PCMA Uber Partner?

Esponda: We are truly committed to continue working with every member of PCMA. In 2016, we will be enhancing some of our education programs, exchanges, and marketing opportunities with PCMA. For the first time, we will host the North American Advisory Summit — which has been happening for the past five years in Mexico — along with the National Congress of the Meeting Industry. The synergies between the two will create a much stronger transfer of knowledge to all attendees.