Meetings Within Meetings

Allied Organizations Are Co-Locating Programs at Convening Leaders

In this time of web conferences and virtual meetings, face-to-face meeting time can be a precious commodity. At Convening Leaders 2016, some organizations are taking advantage of being in the same physical space as their members, partners, and other colleagues to hold their own meeting.

One organization planning to meet during Convening Leaders is a Convention Industry Council (CIC) APEX workgroup. Focused on room-block poaching, the group holds most of its meetings and conversations via conference call and webcast. Because most of its members are attending Convening Leaders, they have a forum where they can get together in person.

“We believe, as everybody in our business should, that face-to-face time is extraordinarily important and that there are certain things that can’t get done unless you can get everybody in the room,” said Michael Owen, managing partner of EventGenuity LLC and chair of CIC’s APEX Standards Committee.

APEX and other groups also planned their co-locations out of sensitivity to members’ time and wallets. But they didn’t want to take away from the importance of Convening Leaders’ program of education and networking, and worked with PCMA to find timeslots.