Calling All Members

Join PCMA Leaders for a Town-Hall Q&A

Got questions about PCMA operations, programming, goals — or any other issues facing the meetings industry? The organization’s leaders will have answers at the PCMA Town Hall Meeting at 7:45 this morning.

Taking the stage will be Deborah Sexton, president and CEO; Ray Kopcinski, CMP, 2015 chair; Bill Reed, CMP, 2016 chair; Gary Schirmacher, CMP, 2015 chair, PCMA Education Foundation; and Tina Wehmeir, CMP, CAE, 2016 chair, PCMA Education Foundation.

The Q&A session is a way to further encourage interaction and collaboration within PCMA’s membership. “The Town Hall Meeting is an opportunity to be open and transparent with our members,” Sexton said.

PCMA leaders will share their personal goals for the organization for 2016 and beyond, Sexton said. In addition to discussing current and future PCMA activities, they will answer any and all questions from audience members, such as:

• How are the organization’s financials looking?
• What is PCMA excited about this year?
• What are the biggest worries currently facing PCMA members?