Convening Leaders Wrapup 2013

  • U.S. Is Go for LaunchIf one image represented the United States and American ingenuity, it might be a rocket launching a payload of cutting-edge science into space. What impresses Thomas Friedman about that image is the searing power driving the rocket, because¬†that¬†is what drives the United States. Read More
  • Rubber (Chicken) SoulThe word "leadership" means different things to different people, but inspiration often is part of the definition. David Novak takes a different, more practical approach. And that approach is hard to ignore because of his great success. Read More
  • Town Hall Offers Attendees Direct Contact With PCMA LeadersCurrent and incoming PCMA leaders provided Convening Leaders 2013 attendees feedback and answered questions at yesterday morning's Town Hall Meeting. Read More
  • You Are a Meetings Wizard: Cast A Spell for Your Professional DevelopmentGina Rudan opened her Masters Series session, "Practical Genius: How to Put Your Personal Power to Work for You," yesterday morning by asking the audience: "How many of you feel like the man behind the curtain of every event you put on?" She added: "Sometimes you aren't appreciated for all the hard work that you do and the genius sharing you do. You truly are wizards making magic happen beside the scenes." Read More
  • Question of the Day: What takeaway did you pick up at Convening Leaders 2013?"Change. Things in the world are changing so fast, not just domestically but globally. It's important that everyone recognizes that and adapts to be effective. Don't be afraid of risk; that's very important. Also, Orlando did a fabulous job for this meeting; it's a wonderful destination." Read More